Our chosen charity this year is Cool FM’s Cash for Kids

Cash for Kids

Minprint are one of Cool FM’s Cash for Kids’ Corporate Heroes.

Their mission is to raise money for the thousands of disadvantaged children in Northern Ireland who rely on charitable support. Funds will be distributed to provide relief from illness, disability or disadvantage among children aged 0-17. Cash for Kids will assist in promoting the social, physical and mental wellbeing of children and young people throughout Northern Ireland, with a focus on improving quality of life as well as encouraging personal development and aspirational fulfilment.

They hear about good causes all across the province in need of assistance. With your help we will be able to light up the lives of children and young people in Northern Ireland. Your support will turn tears into laughter, and your generosity will help break down barriers to create a brighter future for all young people who turn to Cash for Kids for help.

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