Maximise the power of print with a multi-platform approach

Harness the power of Cross Media Marketing and maximise the impact of your messages with personalised campaigns.

What is Cross Media?

Total Creative Communications for your data, engaging your customers using multi touch marketing techniques all designed and built bespoke to your requirements using our Cascade software solution.

Ideal for product launches, events and promotions. We design and deliver a full range of print and web material for your target customers, integrating: Direct Mail, Mobile Media, Personalised Sites, Email and Print Media all enhanced with Real Time Reporting on customer responses and actions.

What to expect

Cross Media marketing solutions allow us to provide so much more than just another print service, we can offer “Creative Communications” adding real and measured value to your campaigns.

We use a combination of integrated techniques from print to personalised web pages and emails; from design to delivery and beyond, we can provide the whole cross media solution for any campaign, all in one manageable and coordinated way.

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In a Nutshell


Delivering an intelligent strategic cross media campaign that ensures you get the right messages to your customers, achieving the results you need.

Campaign Management

Design to delivery, we can manage your entire marketing campaign – we can create it, personalise it, print it, automate it and track it.

Data Capture, Control & Analysis

Cleanse and update your existing data. Collect new data. Observe your campaign live through a dashboard and compile accurate reports.

Key Benefits

Campaign Management

Recommend a Friend promotions

After sales support

Facebook Apps

Mobile CRM

Event Invitations

Data Connectivity (to your CRM)

Marketing Analysis

Our solution combines the strengths of Print, Email, Web, SMS and Video then brings the results together in one easy to use solution that will blow your mind!

Combine this with our variable image technology and, at the very least, we’ll put your head in the clouds!

What Percentage Conversion results can I expect?

Print Only campaign 3%
Print with a Static Web Landing Page 19%
Print with Email 25%
Print with Web Page, Email and Mobile 34%


See your response rates rise with highly bespoke, personalised imagery.

Personalised images are rendered automatically using names from a database. Each recipient has a PURLs (personalised webpages) to take them to their own unique web page.

In the background the software records every click, visit and request made by the reader and generates analysis broken down with user friendly dashboards and the ability to view and download the data files.

  • Image sets can be used within emails as well as Printed Mailers.
  • Our designers can produce highly bespoke imagery to target specific demographics.
  • We have thousands of ready-made, personalised images waiting to boost the response rate of your email.
  • Customer studies have proven: Image personalisation raises the click through rate significantly. It has never been easier to add personalised images to any mass emailing.

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