Print Marketing Appeals to the Young

Happy New Year Everyone!

Research studies demonstrate that direct-mail print marketing is an excellent strategy for meaningfully reaching the young adult demographic.

We live in the digital age, sure, but we’re still raised from birth to anticipate the mail. Our children still race each other to the door. And in this age when children are inundated with iPods and Kindles and email, print is a novelty they grow up enamored with. Simply put: kids are absolutely delighted to receive print mail in their names.

I’m sure there’s some psychological reason for why as adults we continue to appreciate those things of which we were fond as children. And mail – even direct or “junk” mail – is one of those things, especially for digital age in which children who are numb to the screen.

For younger generations, the Internet is an absolute truth, perhaps taken for granted yet in no way novel. It simply doesn’t excite the way a tangible piece of printed mail can. It doesn’t command the attention, nor does it seem private or personal.

While it’s obvious that young adults read, appreciate and respond to direct-mail print marketing, you don’t need statistics to prove that print marketing is part of the youth movement. All you need to do is watch your kids race each other to the mailbox.


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