Lewis – Work Experience programme at Minprint

Last week, we had the privilege of giving a Year 11 pupil from a local school Strangford College, to partake in a week’s work experience (Monday 16th June – Friday 20th June) in the Minprint company.

“The aim of the scheme is to enable our Year 1 pupils, while still at school, to gain an insight into the world of work, in a career area which they are considering at present. Being able to participate or observe in a career area is very positive and helpful experience and will be educationally very beneficial for the pupil.”

Lewis took on many jobs and offered help in the different departments of the company such as helping out with the wide format, binding booklets and programmes on the stitching machine, working on the litho press and also helping out in the graphic designers.

Lewis was able to develop and acquire some experience that would help in learning about work and various aspects and processes of each stage of completing a printed job. To know that it had a positive impact on him, is one that Minprint can take pride in.


Colour Sample – Can we match it? Yes we can!

Today we received a paint colour sample in the post from a client who wanted to know what colour he should use to get a match on his printed materials.


So what do we do?

Well, our I3 calibration reader examines it and our special software produces a printable swatch with all the closest matches available. We print this off and hand it to our client. Simple!

Until recently we would use a physical pantone chart, examine it under special lighting, find the best match then as most jobs are now printed in full colour, rather than spot colour, we have to use a colour bridge guide to find the best match from full colour too.
Even then, every material on every device will appear differently, our colour profiles close this down, but it was always a worry until the ink is on the paper, not any more!

It takes a while but we will do this for you when required for only £25.